For Churches

One of the main goals of CEF is to establish children in local churches for their growth in the Lord. The most effective way to accomplish this is by partnering with local churches who desire to make a difference in their community. So what does church partnership with CEF look like?

CEF Provides:

  • An established¬†program
  • Teaching materials
  • Follow-up helps
  • Volunteer training
  • Legal protection
  • Support and encouragement

Church Provides:

  • Prayer partners
  • Snacks and prizes
  • Committed volunteers
  • Finances for program
  • Follow-up for kids and families
  • Church home for children

We are thankful for the local churches around the Basin who partner with us to reach children. If you are a pastor or leader in your church, please consider how you might encourage your church get involved! Contact us for more information.